About MaxiVAX

A clinical stage (phase II) immuno-oncology company that delivers Active Immunization against Cancer

MaxiVAX was founded by Nicolas Mach (Oncology, HUG in Geneva) and Bernard Mach (ex-University of Geneva & Co-founder of Biogen). Some of its key technology is derived from Patrick Aebischer (EFPL, Lausanne). MaxiVAX develops active immunization for personalized anti-cancer vaccination.

The company has successfully completed a first-in-man clinical study (Phase 1), targeting patients with a variety of solid tumors, including pancreas, colon, head and neck, chordoma, prostate and ovarian.A total of 15 patients, all having failed multiple standard therapies, were treated in the study.

MVX-ONCO-1 was safe and well tolerated, with no occurrence of any serious adverse events related to the study drug. No clinically significant local or systemic reactions were reported. The efficacy results were very encouraging.

The benign safety profile seen with MVX-ONCO-1 makes it a good candidate for combination therapies with other anti-tumor agents currently available or in development, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors (PD-1, PD-L1 or CTLA-4). The company has now initiated a Phase 2 clinical study in head and neck cancer and is also preparing additional Phase 2 clinical trials in several solid tumors.