A novel and proprietary way to reprogram and boost the patient’s own immune system for fighting cancer

MaxiVAX novel anti-cancer therapy is revolutionary by the fact that it is based on triggering the patient’s own natural immune response mechanism via an innovative and proprietary technology in order to eliminate the deadly cancer cells. In principle all types of cancer can be addressed, including blood related cancers.

MVX-ONCO-1 consists of a very small device, which is placed underneath the skin with a little incision requiring only one suture and is composed of: 

  1. Irradiated tumour cells from the patient, placed next to the device as the target for the immune response.
  2. A strong immune-booster (GM-CSF: granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor), released from an encapsulated, genetically modified cell line

The two main advantages of this approach is that all antigens of the cancer are targeted and that the immune-booster is delivered continuously over a one-week period instead of a bolus injection.

Detailed information related to MVX-ONCO-1 is available on request.

Using capsules for protein delivery

Capsules loaded with cells capable of manufacturing and releasing locally a substance of medical benefit have being pioneered by Patrick Aebischer. These cells, being protected by the capsule from elimination by the patient’s immune response, can thus produce locally the substance of interest locally for several weeks. This technology has been adapted and used by MaxiVAX for the sustained production of the immune-boosting protein GM-CSF at the site of vaccination with appropriate antigens. Inside the human body, GM-CSF is a rather unstable protein with a half-life of only a few hours and has thus to be produced in situ continuously in order to be therapeutically effective. A local and sustained delivery of GM-CSF is thus an optimal use of the technology of protein release via encapsulated cells, and unique to MaxiVAX in the field of Immuno-Oncology.

R&D - Previous data with GM-CSF

Spectacular results were observed in certain patients (by other investigators), when sustained GM-CSF release could be achieved. The figures below illustrate both an isolated case of lung tumor regression and the survival benefit observed in patients vaccinated with tumor cells secreting higher amounts of GM-CSF (Nemunaitis, J Natl Cancer Inst. 2004; 96: 326-331). Unfortunately, sustained GM-CSF release was not reproducible with this methodology and it was therefore not pursued.

New Products

Leveraged by the support of funds from public sources and foundations and using the same implantable devices as MVX-ONCO-1, the company will develop new products that include the continuous delivery of other immune boosting agents, either on a stand-alone basis or in combination.