Our Mission

“At MaxiVAX, the patient comes first. Improving the lives of our patients and their families across the world is the core Job-To-Be-Done. The patient well-being fuels our determination to succeed.”


We are reshaping the approach to the standard of care for solid tumors through active, personalized anti-cancer immunotherapies.

We make the patient’s own cells become their treatment solution, instead of the source of the problem.


MaxiVAX is a clinical-stage biotechnology company advancing patient-specific immunomodulatory strategies for the treatment of cancers. The company was founded in 2005 by Prof. Bernard Mach (ex-University of Geneva & Co-founder of Biogen, Founder of NovImmune), Prof. Nicolas Mach (Oncology, HUG in Geneva), and Me. Clarence Peter (Kellerhals Carrard), and has its Headquarters at the Campus Biotech Innovation Park in Geneva, Switzerland. MaxiVAX is dedicated to efficiently progressing potential best-in-class anti-cancer immunotherapies to address significant unmet medical needs and improve outcomes for people with difficult-to-treat cancer.